Samrat Prakash Mali, rich in melody and famous national level bhajan

Samrat Prakash Mali, rich in melody and famous national level bhajan

"Bhajan Samrat Prakash Mali, rich in melodious vocals and a national level renowned bhajan"

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It is said that talent does not need any introduction and by one way or the other, it makes its mark. One such place has been made in the world of hymns.

Bhajan Samrat Prakash Mali of Barmer district of Rajasthan.

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Whose hymns are crazy, not at the state level, not at the national level, but at the world level, wherever Hindi-speaking people live, listen to their bhajans with great fervor and keep sending their love to them in various forms. Whether it is a matter of presenting the old songs in a new form or whether it is a matter of presenting it in front of the world by making a different song, in every form the audience accepted them with open arms and in return gave so much love that the hymns Made him the greatest emperor of the world. Hardly anyone would have attained the position at which he is today in the world of hymns. Mass Singer". Who has left an indelible mark on the mind of the people.

Born on 23rd August 1981 in the middle class family of Shivkar village of Barmer Balotra district of Rajasthan, a unique genius who later became the emperor of hymns in the whole world, that is our beloved Prakash Mali ji who does not need any introduction today. That in itself is an introduction to the hymns. Who made the hymns world famous and told that the fragrance of our folk songs is still intact today as it used to be centuries ago.

This journey of music of Prakash Mali ji was challenging. He was very interested in singing bhajans since childhood and even after the restrictions of family members, he used to go wherever there were Jagrans around and indirectly try to learn by listening to them all. and used to participate in all the programs of the school even during elementary education. He was determined that I had to go to this area and bring the bhajans back to the same place again. Especially folk songs and for this he started learning to play Manjira, Harmonium, Dholak by going to the nearby Jagran. Gradually, he started singing at various places where there were programs, taking forward the art of his singing. But he realized that for the complete education of music and bhajan, I need a guru who can fully teach me this. By getting acquainted with the art, one can learn its nuances. His search ended in the form of his mentor Moinuddin Manchala who was the biggest name in this world. There he took full education and set out on a wonderful journey which was to make bhajans a place in the world. Overcoming the various challenges in this journey, singing small songs in various programs ahead. Keep moving forward and moving forward on his journey. In the meantime, in the year 2002, he got an opportunity to sing "Dharti Mata Ro Paharu Ghagharo" under the banner of Madhu Cassette, which was his first hymn and from which he got recognition and this hymn. This song was liked by the people so much that Prakash Mali has now become a well-known name. But he was yet to get what he deserved and later that day also came in the form of the song "Jaisal Dhadvi" which became so viral that it got on people's tongue and Prakash Mali became the emperor of Bhajans. Talking about the popular hymns of Prakash Mali ji, Maharana Pratap Biography, Jaisal Dhadvi, Gaumata, Baba Ramdev Bhajan, Pabuji Rathod Bhajan, Tejaji Maharaj Bhajan, Swami Vivekananda's biography, Raja Harishchandra's biography, Pannadhay, Raja Chandan, Ashapura Mataji, Goga ji Maharaj, Rajasthani folk songs, Bhajans of Balaji Maharaj and many more bhajans are included in this list. Which people still listen with great fervor and like it equally.

Prakash Mali ji is not limited to only Bhajans, he is equally active as a social worker and also dedicates a part of his income to Gau Mata. There are various other tasks in which he actively plays his role and plays his role actively in setting up of Gaushala, to be used in the service of cows and organizing free Bhajan Sandhyas for Gau Mata. He is the most loved because no one can remain so easy and simple after reaching the point where he has reached, but he is as simple and easy as today, the reason behind this is his connection with the roots, which helps him to reach others. It also makes him different from and also makes him feel the most belonging that even after reaching such a big point, he meets everyone with equal humility and also takes part in the work of social concern.

One sentence from his life which he took positively and that sentence was that he had a hymn recording with someone who sang very well on his own behalf he did what he could but still he probably got the recordings somewhere Didn't like that and said something which he took as a positive and thought of forming a separate studio of his own which is today known as "Malani Studio Balotra" where he continued to practice music regularly. We are bringing new hymns to us and he says that in future also I will keep everyone acquainted with the fragrant fragrance of bhajans and wherever it comes to advance any talent, I will continue to do so. If any of my contribution can take anyone forward or its

If I can, I will be ready to play my active role in it in the same way. With these words, he expressed his gratitude to his audience and told that all of you listened to my bhajans and appreciated me so much. But thanks to him from the bottom of the heart and the biggest contribution in it is the public and I sing for the public and want to remain a public singer.

He says that the way I have got all this, it has been the blessings of my parents, family and above all, the public. God's blessings have been there and he says that my door is always open for all those who are going to sing folk songs, come to me, learn and work together and I will keep entertaining you all in the form of bhajans in this way. Keep on taking forward the Indian culture, this is my only dream and this is what I am living and you all will continue to support me in this way in the same way.