“Arvind Handicrafts” company, Giving a new shape to the existence of handicrafts

“Arvind Handicrafts” company, Giving a new shape to the existence of handicrafts

From ancient times till today, different items have been used to decorate homes. From wooden tables to sparkling mirrors, from copper figurines to cloth toys, all kinds of furnishings were lovingly made by hand.
Due to being made by hand, every object had a uniqueness, which was the result of the creator's hard work. Hand craftsmen used to leave such a unique impression in the workmanship done by them that no one could copy that item exactly even if they wanted to. Everythi

ng was a unique thing in itself.

Even in today's era, many items are used as decorations, but today machines are dominated in every field. The effect of which is that goods made by machines are available everywhere and at cheap prices, whereas it is comparatively difficult to find handmade goods at cheap prices. But in a vast country like India, many companies making handicrafts are still keeping their culture alive and are capable of making excellent samples of handmade items. One such company “Arvind Handicrafts” is running its handicraft business since 1981 and satisfying the demand for handicraft items in the market.
A company named 'Arvind Handicrafts' was established by Arvind Jain in 1981 and based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan where handicraft culture and customs have a different identity in themselves. Today the name of the company 'Arvind Handicrafts' is very famous and it is known for manufacturing its finest handicraft items but it was not so in the early days, due to increasing mechanization in the 1980s the company faced a lot of challenges but The founder of the company did not give up and today the result of their hard work is well in front of everyone.

'Arvind Handicrafts' company started as a retail handicraft counter in a hotel but after 4-5 years of hard work and dedication the company has started producing exquisite handicrafts artefacts, home decor items, wall decorative, table decorative, lanterns, and festive decorative. Also started manufacturing and exporting items like fine handmade furniture and metal handicrafts etc. In 2008, Arvind Jain's son Ankit Arvind Jain joined him in this business and gave a new direction to the company.

Mr Ankit Arvind Jain joined his father's business after completing his MBA. He used the knowledge he acquired while getting an education to grow his business. He made many efforts to compete with the machine-made goods sold in the market. He promoted his products with the help of various mediums of the new age and made them more attractive by moulding his product according to the new age style.

The company 'Arvind Handicrafts' has a single goal to provide the best quality products in all categories in one place and make the customers happy with the quality.

 Handmade items not only promote human art but also contribute a lot to giving a personal identity to the decoration of various places. These days the trend of handmade items is on the rise again and the fans of handicraft items are even ready to pay good prices to buy genuine handmade articles. 'Arvind Handicrafts' has been exporting its finest handmade items worldwide for the last four decades and has gained immense popularity in the domestic market as well. Providing valuable handicraft items at reasonable prices is the role of companies like 'Arvind Handicrafts' which they are playing very well.