GB WhatsApp users should be careful ! phones are being hacked, obscene videos are being sent to all contacts.

Nowadays a new cyber threat has emerged, in which attempts are being made to steal personal and financial information of users by hacking mobile phones. In this method, a special application is being used to generate misleading objections which work mindlessly.

GB WhatsApp users should be careful ! phones are being hacked, obscene videos are being sent to all contacts.

The problem of people using GB WhatsApp on their mobiles from the entire country including Balotra is not stopping. Due to GB WhatsApp, there are cases of mobile phones getting hacked by installing malware on the mobile phones.

Cyber expert MOX Rathore told that, recently cyber attacks are coming to light in the mobile phones of the victims of hacking. The main reason why they are coming to the fore is that they have installed GB WhatsApp or unofficial APK of WhatsApp in their mobiles. In some cases, it is also coming to light that the link received through WhatsApp was used and by clicking on it, the APK app was installed due to which the malware entered the mobile. In the case of GB WhatsApp users, it is being seen that this malware app is installed by GB WhatsApp and keeps sending your data to the hacker's cloud for a few days and collects your personal information and it works mostly at night. At the time of installing this app, another app is installed, that app is an app without icon, that means this app is not visible in the mobile, this app completely hacks that mobile and imposes many restrictions so that you can easily access the mobile. Can't even format and reset the phone. It also restricts uninstalling the app so that no app can be removed. Reads the messages coming on your mobile. Hacks your WhatsApp and starts it in your system. Sends obscene videos and photos to all your contacts and groups. This malware has the power to break into your banking app. This malware can transfer money to the user's bank account.

If your mobile is getting hacked, follow the following steps to avoid it and ensure your security:

Update software and apps:

Make sure your operating system and all applications are up to date and that you have installed security updates.

Remove unwanted applications:

Remove any applications from your device that you may not have installed or that appear suspicious.

Install the app from Google Play Store only:

Install your apps only from Google Play Store and stay up to date.

Do not share personal information:

Avoid opening messages or links from any unknown sources, and do not share personal information with anyone.

data backup:

Make backups of your data regularly so that if there is a problem, you can restore your information.

Install mobile security software:

If you have mobile security software, use it that can keep you safe from unwanted applications and security-related problems.

stay alert:

Notify any suspicious activity immediately and report it to the local police or cyber cell.

Fight the power of hacking:

If you think that your mobile is being hacked, immediately get help from security services and if necessary, get help from the local police or cyber cell.

By following these security measures you can protect your mobile device from hacking.

What is GB WhatsApp?

“GB WhatsApp” is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by the developers to enhance some of the features of regular WhatsApp. However, the use of GB WhatsApp may also pose some risks and may go against the steps taken to protect personal and public information.